Responsible and efficient education
This site is an informational site that I designed to promote efficient education in the Sedona SD9
School District.  

We all just received our property tax bills, from either Coconino or Yavapai county.  Coconino had
an average of a 30% INCREASE in the overall bill and Yavapai 25%.  I don't think anyone's
property value went up by that much.  Money grab by all city, state and federal agencies is running
rampant.  We need to start at local levels and let the bureaucracy know that they must be as
efficient and frugal as the American People are having to be in an economy that cannot get off
dead center.

It is time to be creative, think outside the box and not only conserve our resources but take
advantage of our assets.

The amount of positive feedback to the VOTE NO campaign, although late getting started has
frankly been amazing.  I believe people are just tired of the same old same old.  Keep the money
flowing from the taxpayer even though the taxpayers are getting hammered from all directions.

Get informed, make decisions on reality, opportunities and facts.  I have a group of ad hock
volunteers that have come on board in an effort to pass information on to the citizens of SD9.  It is
OUR money.

If you have a question, please go to the CONTACT page or click
here, and I will use my resources
to the best of my ability to not only post your question but to provide an answer  for all to see.

Let's all work for better and more efficient education for our kids, our future.

Mike Schroeder
About Us
“I am beginning to suspect all
elaborate and special systems of
education. They seem to me to be
built up on the supposition that every
child is a kind of idiot who must be
taught to think.”

Anne Sullivan with deaf-mute-blind pupil
Helen Keller