District 9 Budget Information
How Does Camp Verde work within its' budget with no
Override and Sedona Can't?
Always question - Be Informed
Why is the student population down?  
How many families have LEFT the district?  Why?
Arizona GAINED 10% population in the last census.  Sedona
LOST population  
(Don't go to the Census Web Site - it is SHUT DOWN as they have no money.  Guess computers must
have to have a government employee on a bicycle generating electricity to run...)
Always question - Be Informed
$2.6 Million going to the teaches for Salaries and Benefits
$2.0 Million going to Support Staff
What efficiencies are being applied to reduce the $2.0 Million
and route dollars to teachers?
Aways question - Be Informed
With and WITHOUT Budget Override
What did our $73 Million Bond Issue Buy?
Solar Field where a parking lot should be to support Sedona
Performing Arts Center?
A football field that rivals an NFL field?
Aways question - Be Informed
Enrollment data was requested
directly from the District
Superintendent and supplied by
his office.
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