The "Scare Tactics"
Did you know that the CITY of SEDONA law...impose a city
property tax?  A city property tax
MUST be approved by the VOTERS.
Businesses are already deteriorating,
shops are empty and traffic is down.  
And unless the Red Rocks are going
to erode - tourists will probably still
Fail to support education? Really?
Then what is
THIS all about?
    Sedona Performing Arts

    Where is the commitment from the
    Chamber of Commerce, the City of
    Sedona and the School District to
    utilize this facility?

    Why isn't the Chamber along with
    the Hotels like Enchantment
    promoting this facility for business
    conferences and sales meetings.  
    NOWHERE in the Red Rocks, in this
    incredible environment is ANYONE
    going outside their little fiefdoms.

    When this CITY, Chamber, and SD#9
    going to start to  think creatively
    instead of in a singular fashion.
    THEN and only then will we see an
    environment where the Politicians
    will STOP putting their hands into
    YOUR wallets.

    WE do not often have an opportunity
    to affect change in thinking and
    approach.  Time has come.
Why can Camp Verde
Run Their School System
within Budget WITHOUT
and Override, and WE
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